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As a natural healthcare provider, I specialize in complementary healing methods including chiropractic, functional medicine, acupressure, nutrition, and applied kinesiology. I am sometimes referred to as a “Neuro-Holist”,  a term associated with using the patient’s nervous system to treat the human body in a holistic way.

I use a systemic, evidence based approach to healthcare for long-term health outcomes centered around healing naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery. By choosing to participate in your own health, you’ll create a new wonder, a new understanding of how proper movement patterns are meant to protect life, diminish pain and correct dysfunction. Health might just boil down to the correct perspective of healthcare. Working with Kenny Care allows me to communicate a message of hope and reward, restoration and recovery. Let’s do all those things, naturally.

The 3 steps to healing naturally...

 “The Natural Health Recipe” is the best long term health solution


"How well you perceive the world around you is a great measure of health." Shoe wear creates long term health problems, ultimately. Spending significant time outside of shoe wear is the easiest long term health decision you could make today. Barefoot people are healthy people because they exercise "movement blocks pain" most effectively, the basis of chiropractic science. Read my
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Fat adapted individuals are the "winners" against chronic disease. In other words, disease processes must bend the knee, are subservient to fat adapted metabolic systems. If you're not burning fat for energy, you'll soon "run out of gas". Burning fat for fuel is the nutritional wisdom of our ancestors and modernity. Training yourself to "burn fat" is easy, safe, and the healthiest way to lose weight long-term. Read my articles or
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Did you know 1/3rd of all food consumed in this world is fermented? We value it more than we realize and the health benefits outway the risks. You can strategize by partnering with bacteria and yeast and the story doesn't end there. We need these "bite-sized creatures" like we need clean water, a roof over our head, and a sense of purpose. They are built into our world unmistakingly. We need bacteria and yeast as providers and protectors. Learn more by reading my E-book!

Natural Healing Options

Nature heals, period. I make the conservative case for why and how that’s possible. Do you have what it takes to heal naturally? I know you do!