August 2018

Health I Believe In

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It’s true that you can’t win every race you enter. By that I mean you can’t expect to be “the best” when it comes to every skill you try, every new adventure you set out to explore. Sometimes, things just don’t go our way. Life tends to keep us in it’s grips. We are at its whims.

Think with me for a few minutes. Can you say that everything you have ever set out to accomplish went as planned? Ever experienced a few setbacks?

“Hope Deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” – Psalm 13:12 (NASB)

I hope you’ve found many successes too. I hope that you have gotten a taste of hard work and reward. A teacher once commented,“there is nothing more satisfying than overcoming something extremely difficult.” It was his ploy to get us to “not give up” on our studies. Those were words of wisdom that kept me in the game and ring true in my heart as I pursue my goals today.

Natural healthcare is easy to come by and simple. To put it briefly, remove the toxic parts of your life and replace them with the things that bring healing, reward, long life, energy, creativity, passion, a sense of accomplishment. Replace them with the things that are going to add value to your life, time to your favorite activities, alpha waves to your brain function. Invest in healthcare that allows you to continue living in the joy that can come new every morning.

The health I believe in is the health that is mostly effortless. Effortless healing or semi-effortless at least.

The health I believe in is the healthcare that puts myself in the driver seat, never abdicating the responsibility to stay in balance to anyone or any institution. I am my own decision maker.

And so are you!

Take control of your health. Grab it by the horns. Don’t abdicate your health to others. Educate yourself of natural healing methods. Believe in the reality of “vis medicatrix naturae” , the healing power of nature. You are nature, therefore this biological law applies to you just like it applies to your kitchen chia pet.

BELIEVE!!!! Health is your natural heritage.

Dr. RhettHealth I Believe In
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