About Our Clinic

About Our Clinic

Dr. Kenny uses conservative diagnostic procedures to identify noxious stimuli described as anything determined to interfer with appropriate nervous system function.

The exam includes proper history taking, sensory based diagnostic challenges (touch, taste, smell, sight, sound, etc), as well as post hoc deductive reasoning. The next step is to simply remove or eliminate that noxious irritant by the most conservative means necessary. That could be a treatment procedure performed in the office or it could be a health-related goal that takes time to achieve.

Dr. Kenny uses physiologically based, basic science driven procedures to create participatory, corrective experiences, encouraging individuals to discover their inherent healing abilities.

What We Do

Our underlying, assumption, our foundational faith, is that “health is man’s natural heritage,” an old adage claimed long ago by the intelligent Dr. George Goodheart, chiropractic physician and creator of Applied Kinesiology.

Given the opportunity to meet basic needs, a rich sensory environment, and the freedom to explore it, health can be a sure, sensible, reasonable, attainable, measurable, dependable process.

Doctor originates from the Latin word meaning ‘to teach’. We are committed not only to changing the way you feel, but also the way you think.

 As natural doctors make the “science of wellness” their primary vocational concern, the scientific database continues to grow. Patients of Kenny Chiropractic become the beneficiaries of seeing health from a conservative, patient centered perspective.

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Why choose our services?

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose our natural health clinic as your primary location for healthcare needs:

Decisions and operations sustain and enhance patients’ dignity and welfare.

Relationships between staff and patients promote continuity of care and support patient self-care and wellness.

Clinic outreach efforts expand and support healthcare.

We recognize and appreciate each individual’s contributions to achieving the Clinic’s mission and to creating a rewarding and pleasant workplace.

Our Skills

We specialize in applied kinesiology procedures to uncover “root cause” health issues. If you have a history of these symptoms and would like further consultation, please contact us. We welcome 15 minute consultations at our earliest convenience.

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