Welcome to Kenny Care! I’m offering you the most innovative healthcare in the great commonwealth of Kentucky and a thank you for checking out the website. 

Let’s face it, you need answers. Not only do you need answers, but I’m sure you’d like to get them TODAY without being subject to the “rob Peter to pay Paul” hamster-wheel of conventional medicine. You can easily find answers with conservative medicine protocols like the ones I offer in my studio clinic. I’m here to prove to you that health is attainable, sustainable, and more affordable with an integrative approach to solving health queries.

Graduating from Logan University in 2013, I am thankful to have found a home in Madison County as an ambassador for natural medicine procedures, conservative in nature and promising in results. You were given the divine gift of healing from within. You just need the right doctor, the right perspective, and the right treatment procedures to make health a reality.


My Passion

Every community needs full access to conservative procedures that are whole body focused, integrative, conservative, cost effective, reliable, and trustworthy. 

This is the focus of Kenny Care and the nature of vitalistic healthcare medicine procedures. 

After a short time of traditional protocols, I came to the conclusion that some questions were left unanswered within the traditional chiropractic model. Patient’s had not failed to match the “model patient” picture of health. I had failed in my ability to “read” my patient’s correctly. Thankfully, “body language never lies”, and today I have the tools to understand it’s message. 

Manual Muscle Testing is the art and science of identifying the “body language” of disease or dysfunction and the common sense approach to monitoring progress. Not only is it used to find and fix a problem, it is best utilized when making sure that treatment procedures are amiable and productive. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what treatment is best and how much of it you need? That is the power of manual muscle testing and biofeedback procedures. 

It is neither kind nor smart to  blame patients for problems of interpretation. It is the Doctor’s responsibility to recognize the patterns of disease or dysfunction, and treat accordingly. That is my passion and that is the pursuit of Kenny Care. I use the most advanced technology and systems within the conservative healthcare field to identify and correct dysfunction and chronic health issues.

My Goals

“Anything worth changing must start with the way that we think.” – Tom Newberry

As a doctor of natural medicine and natural procedures, my goal is to communicate hope and reward, restoration and recovery. I just want patients to realize that they can do all those things naturally with the correct steps and mindset.

It was interesting to learn that some healthcare questions were outside the diagnostic reach of traditional chiropractic care. I was unsatisfied with the idea that my chiropractic training lacked the tools necessary to help everyone that came into my office. Can chiropractic adjustments help me with my acne? Can regular adjustments help me lose weight or fix my child’s “sugar high” behavior issues? The answer might be as obvious to you as it is to me.

 Inspired by my father’s convictions to promote vitalistic medicine as a primary healthcare option,  I have concerned myself similarly with natural medicine procedures and how to communicate with nature’s best healer, the patient. 

The human body has been given the divine gift of healing. But we must understand how it functions in order to have the best results. What people need is a “natural” plan of action, a practical strategy, motivating them to improve their healthcare even when preoccupied by life’s finer details. 

Healing starts with believing in the authority that God has transcribed into living things rather than man-made protocols of “artificial intelligence”. “God will not save us. We must save ourselves” is the foundational premise of conventional medicine, hospitals, and the precarious workings of “BIG PHARMA”.  Nature heals, period.  But not by our own admission. Rather it is the authority of God that makes it a reality. In my opinion, to practice conservative medicine and observe people heal naturally is to “think God’s thoughts after Him,” to steal from the great astronomer Johannes Kepler.

I seek to use natural authority, the authority of natural systems and the rational intelligibility of scientific inquiry to find answers to complex health questions. Its as simple as that…