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“Vote with your dollars”

A saying that we’ve all heard and if it’s new to you, then I’m glad to share it. It’s true, our economic system in this country puts the consumer in charge of a business’s destiny. Your dollars can help sift through less valuable products and services. Capitalism is a brilliant system that gives everyone “equal opportunity, rather than equal results.” Our system caters to good, smart buys, ethical standards of business.

“There is a natural aristocracy among men, the ground of which are virtue and talents.” -Thomas Jefferson

People resonate with things that get them to their destination faster, easier, and/or cheaper. With our system catering to “the best deal in town”, we are all out there trying to convince the customer that we, indeed, are that “best deal”.

Ultimately, it all comes out in the wash. With 80% of businesses failing in the first five years and then 80% of the remaining 20% failing in the second five years, only the best survive.

I’ve said it before:

The health I believe in is the healthcare that puts myself in the driver seat, never abdicating the responsibility to stay in balance, to anyone or any institution. I am my own decision maker.

And my investments follow my deeply held beliefs. So….

The health I invest in is the healthcare that puts myself in the driver seat, never abdicating the responsibility to stay in balance, to anyone or any institution. I am my own decision maker.

Natural healthcare options are those that put you in the driver seat, making it easy to navigate health decisions at a fraction of the cost of conventional medicine. Not only does natural medicine save you money, it saves you time, energy, and frustration as well.

Let’s face it, no one can afford bad health care decisions. Deciding not to choose the most conservative treatment option at any particular time will be money down the drain.

The virtual rule of thumb is always CHOOSE CONSERVATIVE FIRST!

By adhering to this advice, you put yourself in the mindset of vix medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature. Remember, our beliefs shape our realities. Align with the premise that:

  1. Health is your responsibility
  2. Health is accessible to everyone, that includes your family
  3. Choose conservative methods first

Give your natural abilities to heal a chance.

Your wallet and your health will reward you for it.

Dr. RhettHealth I Invest In
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Health I Believe In

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It’s true that you can’t win every race you enter. By that I mean you can’t expect to be “the best” when it comes to every skill you try, every new adventure you set out to explore. Sometimes, things just don’t go our way. Life tends to keep us in it’s grips. We are at its whims.

Think with me for a few minutes. Can you say that everything you have ever set out to accomplish went as planned? Ever experienced a few setbacks?

“Hope Deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” – Psalm 13:12 (NASB)

I hope you’ve found many successes too. I hope that you have gotten a taste of hard work and reward. A teacher once commented,“there is nothing more satisfying than overcoming something extremely difficult.” It was his ploy to get us to “not give up” on our studies. Those were words of wisdom that kept me in the game and ring true in my heart as I pursue my goals today.

Natural healthcare is easy to come by and simple. To put it briefly, remove the toxic parts of your life and replace them with the things that bring healing, reward, long life, energy, creativity, passion, a sense of accomplishment. Replace them with the things that are going to add value to your life, time to your favorite activities, alpha waves to your brain function. Invest in healthcare that allows you to continue living in the joy that can come new every morning.

The health I believe in is the health that is mostly effortless. Effortless healing or semi-effortless at least.

The health I believe in is the healthcare that puts myself in the driver seat, never abdicating the responsibility to stay in balance to anyone or any institution. I am my own decision maker.

And so are you!

Take control of your health. Grab it by the horns. Don’t abdicate your health to others. Educate yourself of natural healing methods. Believe in the reality of “vis medicatrix naturae” , the healing power of nature. You are nature, therefore this biological law applies to you just like it applies to your kitchen chia pet.

BELIEVE!!!! Health is your natural heritage.

Dr. RhettHealth I Believe In
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Had a thought.

Today I got into my car and drove. I drove only far enough to realize that my brain is intimately aware of a number of things all at once.

The responsive nature of our physicality is unparalleled by the very thing responsible for keeping me safe at that time. My health is dependant on the metal, the seatbelt, the technology that I know as “car”.

I realize that I am in the driver seat. If anything were to go awry, it would first start from some kind of breakdown in communication between my sensory awareness and the world around me, maybe the technology.  But assuming there is nothing wrong with the car, the responsiveness starts with the driver, the person or thing in control.

Secondly, that responsiveness is transferred to the car. I suddenly depend on appropriate tire pressure, calipers, brakes, suspension, steering wheels, alert signals, road signs, and pavement markings, even other drivers to keep me alive. My life hangs in the balance when I take the risk of getting into a moving vehicle.

Our brain TODAY is responsive to quick or labored health decisions. A solid, healthy, nutritious meal is full of the dietary information your body is expecting and you will feel the effect of eating well. A full days worth or less of physical and mental stress will create misery for the autoimmune patient’s systemic inflammatory mechanisms adding to the everpresent disease symptoms they would much rather be liberated from. Choices have consequences and that’s a rule of law in this universe.

Sometimes health is marketed in bottles and powders but conscience knows that ultimately we must make the right health decisions over a long period of time. Or else….

It’s not unwise to think of health as something you control. In fact, the odds of health being  properly managed by healthcare practitioners is looking more dismal as the years go by. If doctors continue to refuse the natural, conservative treatment options and instead proclaim a biased, self imposed position of simply “managed care”, generational decline will continue to show its ugly head.

But we can reverse the tide!

We have to “get physical”, standing up for genetic sustainability, believing in nature to correct itself and maintain balance after we treat dysfunction or disease naturally.

We naturally decline. We can naturally build ourselves back up again. That is the science of natural healthcare and it starts by believing that we have the power within us.

Dr. Rhett

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Plain and Simple

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If I had a rock band, this would be my song.

Chiropractic and alternative medicine’s modus operandi is to help restore the health that has been lost by natural means. Why doesn’t this makes sense to everyone? If health is lost by natural means, it can be restored by natural means!

This could look  like nutritional counseling, correcting subluxations (sensory dysafferentation), acupuncture, physical therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, massage therapy and a hundred other techniques. It could be a conversation or prayer, time spent in a natural environment, etc. But the bottom line is, Vis medicatrix naturae or natura medica,  which literally means “the healing power of nature”.

You are alive! You are living tissue and all living tissue runs the endurance race of chemical pathways, guided by genetic information and kept spinning by the science of nutrition.

The chiropractic story parallels this concept of healthcare.  As a teacher of health related principles and practical implementation for patients, my overarching goal first, is to convince the patient of this objective truth: your healing powers are pre-wired, engineered into your DNA and all you have to do is give it the natural resources it needs to thrive and eliminate the bad juju, the toxic elements  in your life.

But you must understand the chiropractic story in its entirety.

Chiropractic and other natural health options aim to improve all health measures. That includes laboratory biomarkers, weight measures, thermoregulation,  emotional stress, organ dysfunction, the complex of vertebral subluxations, normalizing sensory integration, pain management, and the list goes on and on. But matter has limitations which means disease and dysfunction have limitations. Give the body what it needs, maintaining anatomical integrity and tissue’s informational fidelity systems and you’re on the right track to improving/maintaining your health.

Dr. Rhett


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Dr. RhettPlain and Simple
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