Natural Medicine Simplified

“Chiropractors are always trying to put bones back in place. They shouldn’t be trying to put them back in place. They should be putting them back in function”

– Frank Illi 1973 National University Homecoming Speech

This post is meant to help simplify natural medicine procedures and pose a case for its usefulness in your personal healthcare. When talking to people, I’ve come across plane ignorance when referring to what natural health care providers do. What I’ve also learned is that most people are genuinely interested in learning more about what it is. They just don’t know where to get a good answer for my profession. “It’s not like WebMD where I can get a straight answer,” I remember hearing from a friend. “If only there was a simple write up that helped put it in perspective!”  So this is my attempt at filling in the gaps. 

Chiropractic literally means “practice by hand”. If you’ve ever been to the chiropractor’s office you’d probably expect a few things: to be “crunched”, “popped”, or “cracked” and to be poked and prodded a bit. After all, prodding is an art and a science. 

Basically, Chiropractors have made use of the science of movement and movement’s inherent ability to “right the wayward ship” of physiological aberration. To restore your functional capacities and help you move most efficiently is the end goal of chiropractic. Remember how important moving is right? 

“Perhaps the most important thing we have learned is the intimate relationship between mobility and intelligence.”1 

As I like to say, people are not one piece but MANY pieces. There are a lot of things that make you… Just think about the 20,000 genes alone in your DNA to help put that into perspective. 

You’re probably expecting me to say something like, “Chiropractic can save your life” or “Chiropractic is the bee’s knees.” I do think that chiropractic is the bomb-diggity, but not because I am a chiropractor. Though you might not think so, my loyalties ultimately do not lie with chiropractic. 

My greatest loyalty is to each individual patient and their individual struggles to achieve a balanced system. I merely see myself as a respectful facilitator of the patient’s inherent, God-ordained ability to heal themselves and use chiropractic with other therapies to accomplish the end result of physiological balance. 

Chiropractic is simply one tool of many used to restore balance or homeostasis in the human body.  My perspective is that it is neither the greatest tool nor the worst. Energy-efficient, properly communicating mobility is your greatest biomechanical asset, not my chiropractic services. Chiropractic is a means to an end, a more balanced person being that end.

Restore physiological balance = restore health

Simply put, restoring “balance” physiologically is the end goal of chiropractic, and that’s the reason it has any value at all. It can “right the wayward ship”.

This should be the end goal of every health care approach.

In other words, to restore YOUR inherent ability to function independently of capitalized markets, including drug markets, vitamins, supplementation products, orthodics, etc etc SHOULD BE the foundational goal of every physician. If it’s not, if  your doctors try to sell you anything that comes in a bottle or package for an extended period of time, that doctor is either out to lunch or is robbing you blind. He/she is not making use of your inherent, God-given ability to heal. 

Just as Frank Illi said in his address to National Chiropractic College at their 1973 Homecoming event, chiropractic is NOT about pops and cracks. Chiropractic is about restoring function. And the value of function can mean the difference between you living to be 120 years old and you dying prematurely at age 65. It will mean the difference between a healthy brain and nervous system,  functionally independent, long healthy life or a sick brain, functionally dependent, painful, drug dependent, physician dependent, shortened life. 

Simply put, appropriate movement will protect brain function. Normal brain function assures the quality of life.  Conservative approaches, including chiropractic, can restore and maintain proper movement

So if A=B and B=C, then A=C. It’s really a simple recipe.

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