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With respect, please refuse to abdicate your health or your child’s health to the drug markets, to less than competent physicians, or insurance plans!

Take control of your child’s health.

You might pay for health insurance, but it’s a bad idea to give them all the power over your health care decisions.

How do you take control?Utilize the healing power of nature.

Support yourself properly with proper nutrition (non-GMO, no trans-fat, whole foods, grass-fed, wild caught, good fats over carbs) and proper movement  opportunities.

Give your child’s self-healing abilities, self-managing, self-regulating capacities more credit, more dignity. 

Ideas have consequences. Believing in or buying into ideas will influence your decisions, good and bad.

How many bad decisions can you or your kid get away with?Your body will tell you. Let “symptoms be your guide.”

Symptoms are the body’s way of communicating with consciousness. That’s you as the parent before your child can make proper health decisions.

Your kid doesn’t know what “healthy” looks like. Please teach them. With kids, more is caught than taught. Teach them through your own lifestyle choices. They will ultimately be imitating the lifestyle choices you make.

The health of your kid should not be a reflection of choices made out of convenience. Time to get back to “first principles”: healing starts from within.

This would be my response to a parent in regards to their initial observation of suspected acute infection.

Our healing comes from within us and God has equipped us with the ability to heal from the inside out. You know this.  There is risk in every decision. Life brings with it risk. Life is not always easy. And choosing the convenience of a pill (which isn’t “guaranteed” to do a better job than his own immune system) because you don’t want to deal with a crying individual for example is not parenting.

Those moments are opportunities!

See them and use them. Teach your kid about their internal healing abilities. Drugs might carry a “scientifically proven” label, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your health. That doesn’t mean that’s the only option for healing. That just might be the only message you have heard. Don’t take the easy way out.

Why not give your son’s inherent natural healing ability the dignity to see if it can handle the mess without help. His immune system will be better for it.

Ideas have consequences. And your actions for your family will be the direct result of those ideas. But if you never heard the other side of the story, you’ll never know what you’re missing. Don’t jump on the Non-gravy train of over-the-counter meds to solve your child’s homeostatic-imbalance problem. If you do, you will effectively do three things in the process:

1.) Contaminate the patient’s internal milieu (insides)

2.) Make you and your child dependent on drugs to feel “normal”

3.) Make my job as a physician harder when trying to put you back together

Give your child’s self-healing abilities the dignity it deserves!

Dr. RhettDignity

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