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If I had a rock band, this would be my song.

Chiropractic and alternative medicine’s modus operandi is to help restore the health that has been lost by natural means. Why doesn’t this makes sense to everyone? If health is lost by natural means, it can be restored by natural means!

This could look  like nutritional counseling, correcting subluxations (sensory dysafferentation), acupuncture, physical therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, massage therapy and a hundred other techniques. It could be a conversation or prayer, time spent in a natural environment, etc. But the bottom line is, Vis medicatrix naturae or natura medica,  which literally means “the healing power of nature”.

You are alive! You are living tissue and all living tissue runs the endurance race of chemical pathways, guided by genetic information and kept spinning by the science of nutrition.

The chiropractic story parallels this concept of healthcare.  As a teacher of health related principles and practical implementation for patients, my overarching goal first, is to convince the patient of this objective truth: your healing powers are pre-wired, engineered into your DNA and all you have to do is give it the natural resources it needs to thrive and eliminate the bad juju, the toxic elements  in your life.

But you must understand the chiropractic story in its entirety.

Chiropractic and other natural health options aim to improve all health measures. That includes laboratory biomarkers, weight measures, thermoregulation,  emotional stress, organ dysfunction, the complex of vertebral subluxations, normalizing sensory integration, pain management, and the list goes on and on. But matter has limitations which means disease and dysfunction have limitations. Give the body what it needs, maintaining anatomical integrity and tissue’s informational fidelity systems and you’re on the right track to improving/maintaining your health.

Dr. Rhett


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