Individual Appointments

Subscription Services

Your appointments are priced at $43/per quarter hour. It is always advised that new patient’s schedule 3-5 visits with the doctor as an initial plan of care. As the patient, you can always schedule based on your health and financial concerns. 

Appointments run from 15-90 minutes and billed accordingly. All billable services rendered are due at the time of the service

Need an easier way to pay?
Dr. Kenny offers packaged plans for those that want to pay a one time fee.

Just pick a plan that’s right for you and call us or set up your appointment online. This allows you to pay one time for multiple visits (This offer do not including supplements advised)

  • 1-2   Visits                          $172/ per visit
  • 3-4  Visits                          $162/per visit
  • 5+    Visits                          $152/ per visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Please wear casual clothes, minus shorts or skirts. 100% cotton material is preferred. Think t-shirt and jeans. 

Appointments are typically 1 hour in length. New patient appointments are typically 1.5 hours in length. It is possible to shorten appointments if needed. Please let Dr. Rhett know if time is an issue so that he can accommodate. 

You may be advised to take supplementation as evident by the treatment procedures. You can purchase those at the Kenny Care Clinic or find them online sometimes. They are not included in the services rendered fee but are in addition to them. They can be purchased at the time of the visit or at your convenience.

We accept cash, check, or card. Paypal or Venmo are also accepted.

Anyone you’d like. Parents and spouses are encouraged to be in attendance and friends are welcome at the consent of the patient or patient guardian. The treating doctor may require guests to fill out a  “permission to accompany” form in certain circumstances. We do have a waiting room for those that need a place to wait outside the treatment room. 

The average visit costs $140 (not including supplementation).  I treat my patients according to their needs, and appreciate being generous with my time. Duration of treatment depends on your condition. In general, the healthier you are, the less time I spend with you and the lower the cost of each visit. Initial visits are typically 1.5 hours and follow up visits become shorter. It’s best to prepare for at least 1 hour of your day for treatment in my office, but be prepared to work with Dr. Rhett on best practice here. 

I believe that natural medicine has the ability to help all patients. In fact, I believe that natural medicine is the only way to properly heal. Vitalistic medicine or natural healing is truly healing from the inside out. Regardless of the prescription you’ve received, it is never a procedure, drug, or supplement that “cures”. Rather, it is always the patient that does the healing. As a doctor of natural medicine I work, not to “fight” disease processes, but to accentuate your inherent ability to heal naturally.