Natural Medicine Simplified (part 2)

“The name of the game, to quote a phrase, is to get people better. The body can heal itself in a sure, sensible, practical, reasonable, and observable manner. This is how the healer within can be approached from without. Man possesses an unerring potential for recovery through the innate intelligence or physiological homeostasis of the human structure.”- George Goodheart DC.2

 Sugar-coat it any way you like, but the main goal of any health care system, including chiropractic, should be to restore normal function within every patient.

Normal body functions, normal biological activity within people create an individual dependence on their own internal pharmacies for healing rather than “product dependent” human beings. 

You are dependent on something. Ideas have consequences.

Your philosophy of health will determine your choice to be dependent on your internal healing abilities, your internal pharmacy or the “product” world. Both options have consequences. There is a best option. 

My attempt at broadening your perspective continues, hopefully giving you a new respect for chiropractic and its goal orientation. Really it is my attempt to teach you about how incredible you are and how activity and movement are the great healers, your power within. Chiropractic simply exonerates that theme, makes use of that message. 

It isn’t that I’m so pro-chiropractic. Instead, my loyalties are to anything that is going to restore cellular homeostasis since that is where disease actually begins. How does chiropractic fit into the homeostatic mechanisms I’ve talked about up to this point in this blog? 

It restores normal mechano-reception, proper movement. 

But I guess that begs the question: “why does it need to be restored? When did I lose it?” 

You might not have lost it! You might have it just fine, and be fully expressing your God-given capacities to maintain normal function. But if symptoms are present, you’re internal pharmacy is negotiating energy demands. 

Like I’ve alluded to in previous articles…..the answer, in general terms, is stress. 

Stress has the potential to rob you of appropriate movement, appropriate mechano-reception. It doesn’t mean that stress will create problems. Stress can even be a good thing. Think of gravity for example and all its benefits. Your body was meant to be under the biological laws of nature, for example. Each of them represents different types of natural stress. And they’re necessary. The trans-fat in the potato chips you eat every day, though, is not the stress you were meant to endure. 

Again, restore normal and expected mechano-reception to restore proper, energy efficient movement. Restore movement to protect Brain function. Protect brain function to maintain normal cellular activity and “live long time”. 

If A=B and B=C, then A=C

A= chiropractic

B= Proper, efficient movement

C= normal and expected brain function

When trying to decide which healthcare approach to take, a general rule of thumb is to go with what’s most CONSERVATIVE. Conservative will obviously be relative to individual circumstances, but I promise you, in every circumstance there is a good, better, and best option. If you don’t know which option to choose in the vast sea of health care options, ask around. Get a referral from a friend. But for goodness sakes, please go conservative. And no, NSAIDS (acetaminophen, etc) are not a conservative option. 

 Fun Fact: What’s the number one “complementary and alternative” approach people choose today? The answer…….not chiropractic. Not message therapy. Not acupuncture. Keep guessing…….


Prayer remains the number one conservative treatment choice worldwide. Think about it….how often do you pray for your health care needs?

I digress

Restoring normal and expected sensory information should always be a part of your journey to feeling better. 

My responsibility is not JUST to make sure your joints move correctly (as chiropractors do), because you are more than just bones. My responsibility is not JUST to make sure your muscles behave the way your skeleton and brain need them to (as the therapist in me is trained to do). My responsibility is not JUST to make sure “big daddy Vagus Nerve” is receiving and projecting proper information to the organs of your gastro-intestinal system (like the somato-visceral orientated physician in me is prepared to do). Take any part of you and ultimately my job as a physician is to make you function as efficiently as humanly possible, in the place life has you, with the circumstances life has you. That would include anything that’s going to restore normal balance/homeostasis in the human body. Yes that can be done without drugs and surgery. Enter……holistic doctor. 

Yes, prescription meds (though over-utilized and habit producing, even dignity depleting) have the potential to “buy you some time” by providing raw material you might need to keep you alive, but if you were truly healthy, truly in balance, you wouldn’t need them. Though I understand there are exceptions, no person should be required to take them long term. If you need drugs to keep you functioning normal on a daily basis, you’re not living in physiological balance and therefore not living to your fullest potential of health. Remember, health is man’s natural heritage.


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